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Thread: REBORN PATCH Release Candidate 2.5 Gamma Version

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    Default REBORN PATCH Release Candidate 2.5 Gamma Version

    A lot of changes have been introduced in this release:

    • New AntiWH mode, with frame throttle based on players ping. You can use it by setting sv_antiwh CVar to 4.
    • New CVar for all AntiWH modes, sv_antiwhskipping, which skips AntiWH checks for players above given ping. Default is 400.
    • New EventSystem Callback - intermission
    • 3 new scripting commands

    Fixes, tweaks and changes:

    • Fixed issue with checking player's IPs. Everything should work ok now. I totally resigned from userinfo ip check.
    • Improved IP Filtering. Fixed issue with ip ban-mask. Now you can place wildcard (*) many times and wherever you want.
      Example: 127.*.0.* or *.*.*.* (will ban everyone).
    • Fixed ad_banname issue and crashes when server has more players.
    • Fixed memory leak in player command filter function Argv2 (should fix potential crashes on Linux in Cmd_Say_f function)
    • Fixed Max Connection per IP bug. Now same IP's will be counted correctly and stop more players from same IP connecting to the server.
    • Removed unneeded code from Voting System responsible for keeping track of player names that voted. (It wasn't used since RC2 release. Can be used in later releases, now it's not needed). It will save some performance.
    • Fixed bug in Infoboom Crash protection, that caused CMD buffer overflow occur too often.
    • Added additional check during player disconnection to fix potential crashes, when player leaves the server. (often seen on Linux servers).
    • Fixed bug in fseek scripting command. Now you can use 0 offset.
    • Fixed bug in fgets scripting command. Now when reading from empty file, it wil return empty string - ""
    • Fixed gettime scripting command. Now time string should be properly formatted.
    • Increased max limit for opened files with fopen scripting command, from 10 to 32.
    • Changed few scripting commands. Now they have a return value for better error handling in scripts.
    • Added few checks for memory allocation errors, to ensure more stability.

    There was probably something more, but as you can see, the list is quite long so I could forget about something.

    See documentation for script commands changes and new EventSystem callback.

    If you have any questions - please create a thread and simply ask.



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    Many thanks Razor !!!! - FYI - patchver still shows beta

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    I know, but it's gamma. I just forgot to change the text. Bt still, internal version is incremented so it's gamma.

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