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Thread: Elgbot 2.0 Serverisde for testing purposes (name recognition of player only)

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    i opened admin pro... took out strings.scr.... renamed to strings_old.scr..... than i putt all elgbot files in there... and did the replace pioneer thing (without elgbot string.scr).... than i putt back in strings_old.scr and and putt in the strings.scr from elgbot. thats oke?

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    Don't mix Elgbot and Admin Pro yet. Take clean copy of AP and do what RyBack said. Then take clean Elgbot and merge dmprecache.scr and state files. You should be good to go.

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    merge state files is the most shitty thing i ever done i hope it will workm every time i wan tot add a state it didnt work.. but oke lets try

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    Ok got it working with admin pro now thanks to ryback. yeeeyh!

    another question... someone tells me that i need to come in server and spec someone... but when i do how do i get rid of the black screen without chooing a tea,m and than press use?

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    Elgan what if the stuff like headshot etc work... but in the right corner In A Row for example not.. and last round rewards not showing up., i merged the bot with admin pro an

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