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Thread: Elgbot 2.0 Serverisde for testing purposes (name recognition of player only)

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    Default Elgbot 2.0 Serverisde for testing purposes (name recognition of player only)

    NOTE You need REBORN PATCH Release Candidate 2.5

    Added Red Grave's installer to + a pk3 which adds the stats menus to your control bindings (in controller options)

    Adds melt stats counting to FT.

    NOTE: This is NOT compatible with the reborne PK3's version of strings.scr
    Elgbot Serverside 2.2.1

    Updated strings.scr
    Updated to use new strings.scr
    Will not , if a filename (user name) is invalid. will use IP instead.
    Warnings are now printed using confprint command (reborn patch)
    Strings.scr edited, clean_filename will not only use chars found in its safe array

    Added intermission event from Reborn patch RC 2.5 Gamma

    Added top players scoreboard.
    Prints to game chat killing sprees
    Simplified who killd who code.
    Added assists to player score display stats
    Fixed blank hud draw string bug on linux servers
    Deprecated elgbot_continuoussave. All stats now use AP style cvar saving.
    Added percentages to stats menu
    Added stat "assists"
    Added stat "rounds"
    Added stat "Team kills"
    Added stat "Time Played"
    Added awards menu on next round start for last rounds players.
    Added stat "kills" for each weapon,
    Added stat "total kills" for each weapon,
    Added new menu to show weapon kills and total kills with their percentage from your total kills
    Added KDR, kill Death Ratio
    Added new scoreboard information , now shows at timed events, row kills, deaths leaders, current most lethal, damaging, dangerous, accurate and deadly
    Added Awards system. Editable. Showing but not limited to the fllowing stats
    Added stat "Most Lethal"
    Added stat "Most Deadly"
    Added stat "Most Accurate"
    Added stat "Most Damaging"
    Added stat "headhunter"
    Added stat "Bash king"
    Added stat "Melt king"
    Added stat "Streak King"
    Added stat "Taget"
    Changed look of stats menus
    Optimised code for speed.
    Moved all saving to cvars.
    Removed Best kills in a row and most deaths in a row from the game hud. Feel they are nto used, and cuts down on in game hud.
    Added system to detect intermissions.

    Improved performace on elgbot_continuoussave. Skipped reading, to save crashes
    Added abilities to see melts in more FT gametypes
    Added elgbot_sounds cvar to play sounds local or global

    Fixed files.scr file wrapper. Stats should now save again.
    Added stat axis, allies. (Which team you were)
    Removed scrolling instructions to save crashing and lag
    Now use event "spawn" as well.
    elgbot_fnametype default is now 3.
    Fixed location recording bug

    2.0.2 (untested, just written)
    Added cvar elgbot_fnametype. 1 or 2. This sets if the script should use IP's or player Names for the filename.
    Fixed crash with gotkills not being a player
    Fixed hud after a round
    Added stat "melts" for FT, and code for adding stats for any Mefy game type.
    Added cvar "elgbot_continuoussave", to save every stat change, to save stats over round based games for now.
    Fixed gotbash / bashed typo
    Changed menus to be a little nicer.
    Changed font size on instructions menu to be smaller and NOT virtual res
    Changed font on display stats to be the same as game font.
    Rewritten some code to make adding stats easier.
    Changed the player scoreboard menu for teams

    - This must be set to 1, or 2. if left, 1 will be set by default.
    1 - This will use a players IP for the stats file.
    2 - This will use a players name for the stats file
    3 - Use both. The players name is proceeded by the players IP.

    2.0.1 (untested, just written)
    Added scoreboard menu on key bind "keyp 3"
    Added cvar "elgbot_announceend"
    Added stat "endedspree". Counts how many killing spree's you have ended.
    Fixed respawn debug line left behind.
    Fixed instructions for global

    Elgbot Serverside 2.0

    Tracks killing sprees and stats for your server

    Client event sounds for killing sprees and double kills. As well as headshots
    can be downloaded.

    Totally rescripted it from Elgbot 1.0

    This now uses files, and events to record and play. It will keep scores from players ons erver for next time. They can view these by binding "keyp 1" and "keyp 2" , to keys. Then toggle them on or off.

    The instructions ar shown at random (timing can be edied in main.scr). However the intrusive instructions on the right, are only shown if a player is in spectator. OR joins the server. (connected).

    headshot sound now works
    Usual sounds, double kills and killing sprees.

    You can add more sounds by editing main.scr, for other events. bash maybe?

    Stats kept - see screenshots,

    This uses events and files.scr as well as dmprecache and strings.scr

    never tested live yet....and only tested for errors in a server console, no real game play.

    Cvars are edited to be on by default, unless you set otherwise.


    1. Create a folder in your main named "elgbot"
    - This is for stats

    2. place zz_elgbot.pk3 in your main folder

    3. Edit the server config file.


    -1,0...on or off.

    -what version

    - Time between double kills possible

    - Write stats or not? 1/0

    Events used


    Elgbot Client side sounds for Elgbot Serverside 2.0

    These sounds play on events such as headshot for elgbot servers


    1. Place sounds folder in your mohaa main folder.

    mohaa main is usually in your mohaa installation directory.
    %program files%/EA Games/Mohaa
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    Yet again, can't say a word. It's a best thing for me because I can see that my efforts and hours of work are being used in such amazing way! Great Job!

    Someone please test this, I think this is a must have mod for every Reborn server LOL!

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    Is this the way to set it up on the server.cfg ?

    set elgbot 1
    set elgbot_version 2.0
    set elgbot_dbltime 20
    set elgbot_writestats 1

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    yeah. u dont need the version cvar though

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    Hmm, im testing it on our private server i removed our mods since we have strings.scr and a dmprecache.scr but still no go. I cant see none of the features shown above. I have the client in my main and cant hear none of the sounds either. I'll keep testing...

    EDIT: I think it's om my part, i still haven't downloaded Candidate 2.5 Beta Version im still in alpha so that might be the problem, DUH
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    Elgan it might be my browser or the file is corrupted. When i first downloaded the file i wasn't able to open it with pakscape so i got rar to do it. I needed to do this so my mods wont conflict with the new strings.scr and the DM.scr, but no go even if my server was stock i had no luck. So what i did was open your file again with rar since i couldn't with pakscape and load the file to my desktop, open a new pk3 with pakscape and load your folders to the new pk3. Loaded it to my server and bang it worked.

    Once i get everything squared away i'll be addin it to one of our public servers, First Kill, HeadShot!
    The client also works great with the sounds...

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    You need 2.5 Beta version of the patch.

    And of course you have to unpack rar and use .pk3 files inside of it.

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    can someone post a link or post pakscape? i have alwasy had corruption problems. no idea what it is im doing.

    but when i use pacskape. pakscape? people complain less.

    i posted pk3 +readme in a rar file. pk2 was packed in winrar non registered. I could not find paksacape and wanted to leave to go somewhere quick.

    hope everyone enjoys it. i noticed 1 tiny tthing.

    some sort of player login thing, ip hash?

    could add a whole lot more stats, including what i did for elgbot...With a whole scoreboard for who you killed, who has killed you. for this game...then if it's registered. all time who has killed you might be interesting.

    but for now, i might script , otnight, a whole killed you for a 3rd elgbot 4 (which is awesome :P)

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    Guessing but have had some problems with other stuff - think its when some tools unpack pk3 files as if they were a zip - would suggest going fro 7zip to compress and unzip instead of RAR

    Great work on this not had chance to try yet - can you please limit your work so I can keep up )))))

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