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Thread: Elite Gaming League Putting the patch to the test

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    Default Elite Gaming League Putting the patch to the test

    Hi all i am one of several admins running EgL League, we have recently put the patch as a test on our servers but have yet failed to impress ,the main reason being a ping issue ,

    seems when there is above 15 players in the server pings suddenly rise to 400

    we have now deactivated the wh feature in the hope the pings will stay low and we are going to be using uac3 as well as having the patch on the server to help protect the clans and clans members who participate here at EgL this we hope will help to keep cheats to a minimum and our league as clean as possible

    season 2 has just kicked off so dont have much to report at the moment regarding what players and clans think of the patch apart from a few who have said they wont play in EgL until the patch has been finished which i think is a shame as this is a free to download anti cheat and i and our members believe we all have to be patient this patch has come along way in a short time when DMW have had years to come up with something so i personnally think it needs all the support possible, so providing our ping levels stay low during matches now the antiwh feature is disabled we will be keeping the patch on our servers but with the wh feature disabled this bringing us to the conclusion that uac3 wud work best in conjunction with the patch and provide another way of keeping cheats to a minimum i will come back and update on how it is going soon

    keep up the good work


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    Hi, thanks for information. Yes we know that antiWH is still somewhat glitchy. But we are working on this and other nice things. We are going to optimize it even more, we have already few ieas that will be implemented in RC2 release thats coming soon.

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    Hi Delboy - we did a lot of testing with patch on our league servers, ours are based on windows platform, we ended up also turning stufftext off as well so if you have further ping troubles turn that off as well, our match player numbers are also round the 15 mark and we have had no problems since in fact I would say much more stable as no crashes.

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