List of leagues and contact persons:


dictator - chief of ladders / clanbase
Hybris - gamesupervisor / clanbase admin
Kinek - gamesupervisor /clanbase admin
ko3ki3m0nst3r - clanbase admin
Probe9 - clanbase admin
chainz - clanbase co-chief of cups (retired)
inco - clanbase democrew member / pro player


zander - ECL admin
droid - ECL admin / ECL management

ATI League:

WDK League:

Decks - WDK League admin / management

Amalgamated Allied Assault Alliance:

HeatSinkBod aka Jon - league admin / management

Egl - Elite Gaming League:

Delboy - league admin / management

Torneio Brasileiro de MOH:AA:

Warrior Killer - league admin / management

If you miss your league on the list pm to admin please