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Thread: (as local server host)How do you get shotgun as Axis player

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    Question (as local server host)How do you get shotgun as Axis player

    sorry, this is a very noob-like question as I've never tried to make edits to Spearhead/Breakthrough files before. I play on existing servers from time to time, as I have done for years - it's a beautiful game from a more civilised age. However I've come across a mod online where you can add .pk3 files to your game which allows you to play against basic bots, via local server creation of your own. It's pretty good fun mostly given that the bots can play on some maps which I just don't see on any live servers any more (Anzio / Druckkammern for instance). However I like using the shotgun most and prefer playing Axis, yet when I create a local server to play with bots, the only option it gives me for that weapon slot is the vanilla one: the grenade rifle. Is there a simple enough means of editing the files / adding some command in-game so that I can use the shotgun as an Axis player?


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    Ya that's the option I'd like to appear, but it's showing the grenade rifle instead in that last slot of the Axis weapon selection menu.

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    if u have installed the reborn patch on your local server u can create a mod something like this

    main local.player:

    wait .1

    local.player takeall
    if(local.player.dmteam == axis)
    local.player give models/weapons/shotgun.tik // shotgun
    local.player give models/weapons/shotgun.tik // shotgun
    local.player useweaponclass shotgun // Bring Weapon up


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    Sounds promising. Forgive my noobyness, but are those commands which I would need to enter in the console using tilde key, or do I paste those into a .txt file and store it somewhere?

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    no sorry its a mod, but will only work when the server has reborn installed.

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    No need to have a reborn server for this because this code is default from the game but a script with the code to make this.

    mt_r2h: if you join our discord server, i can help you in making a script.

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    Thanks DoubleKill. Alas, when I tried to join that discord server, it's asking something I've not seen with a server before, that I need to hook my phone number up to it. Maybe if I had a burner, but don't have right now.

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    Is a protection against trolls.

    But if you dont whant to use your phone, you can add me on Discord

    Add this: ridersslach

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    Easy, just use bitset dmflags 27 0. That's all.
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