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Thread: MOH(AA/SH/BT) OBS-Fix

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    Default MOH(AA/SH/BT) OBS-Fix

    Hi guys, I noticed that there is already an OBS fix here.
    I tried it out, but I have to say that it has its little problems, e.g. with opening the scoreboard.

    However, because I was interested in the underlying problem,
    I decided to play around in the NVIDIA settings
    and found an option to change the main render method.

    "Vulkan/OpenGL present method" as seen here:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	nvidia-control-panel.JPG 
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    In your GameCapture settings of OBS, the option "Capture third-party overlays (such as steam)" has to be enabled:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	obs.JPG 
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ID:	2558

    If there are any issues, feel free to write me (on github or here), this is my github project:

    I've also coded a little program there, to automatically set the NVIDIA option.
    Just a small thing, nothing much. Tho maybe it helps someone

    Lovely greetings,
    4f-mph / Slow

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    I fixed the problem with nothing but OBS settings. I didn't set MOHAA.EXE as source, just used the desktop and that's it.
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