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Thread: Disable BASH in weapons?.

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    Hi guys how are you, I did it, it worked perfectly, now I have another question, I want to put zoom to the rifles, but not 20 as they have the snipes, but 10, but without the telescopic sight, I mean, that has zoom but it is with the normal sight, remember how it was to do this?
    If you're looking for a full-screen zoom for the Springfield and Kar98 Sniper like in the video above, I agree that it's probably impossible.

    There's a shader somewhere in MOHAA's code that forces thick black bars on both sides of the screen in order to make a perfect square in the middle.

    That square is divided by 4 tiles, where a zoomoverlay.tga file for only the top-left tile is copied and rotated 3 more times to fill the middle square and make a circular sniper scope when zooming.

    Here's a .pk3 that makes that textures/hud/zoomoverlay.tga file blank (from Pak1.pk3), but once you zoom in with this mod, you'll see that the black bars on the sides are still there (can't be removed in AA).
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