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Thread: MOH sounds problem with Discord.

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    Question MOH sounds problem with Discord.

    Hello, how are you? I have a question, I have a member of my clan who is telling me that he cannot hear the sounds of the Medal of Honor when the Discord is open, what could be the problem?

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    Definitely a Discord problem. He should play with the Microphone input device in Settings --> Voice & Audio --> Voice settings.
    Headsets with built-in microphones (as opposed to USB mics which are much better in my opinion) are known to cause sound-output issues in Discord with some older games.
    Particularly when the same device name is used for both input and output, sound issues could pop up.
    Either switch to a separate USB microphone, or try different Microphone devices in the settings (or disable/unplug it), to get the game audio to work while in Discord calls.

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