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Thread: Bash script for dockerized MOH(AA/SH/BT) Servers

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    Default Bash script for dockerized MOH(AA/SH/BT) Servers

    I wrote a small script today
    to quickly and easily set up Appelpitje's Docker-Images with full access to the game folder itself.
    This makes it easier to change the configurations. Moreover, the server is easier to manage this way.

    The usage is explained step by step in the repository.
    I am not sure if it could be useful for someone here, this is the way I set up my servers.
    Better to post than not as always

    GitHub Link:

    Lovely Greetings,

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    Looks good!

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    Nevermind.. found it.
    Just had to adjust the script better to fit my needs. Now its up and running and i can configure it properly!

    Thank you guys for your awesome work keeping this game alive!
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