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Thread: Ritual's ubertools for MOHAA

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    Default Ritual's ubertools for MOHAA

    Hey guys.

    Do any of you know where to get the Übertools Game Development Kit used to edit MOHAA's game engine?

    Or any equivalent tools for it's version of the Quake 3 engine?

    I've been considering once I'm done with my current mod trying to update the game to have bump-mapping and specular-mapping by copying code from other games that use the same engine such as Soldier of Fortune 2 and Doom 3 (essencialy uses a quake3 engine with the features mentioned before).

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    Unfortuanly theres no Ubertools.

    The only SDK you have is the only one they have released.

    If you whant to speak more about this, join the x-null Discord on the top of the page so we can speak with you better on this.

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