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Thread: Team Counter Help

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    Quote Originally Posted by DoubleKill View Post
    you are not getting your spawn script registed on this part?:

    ~~~~Spawn Events~~~~

    global/custom/weapons.scr::spawn ||

    ~~~~Connection Events~~~~

    No, but I think I had purple's weapons mod before i started using the event handler. I had to add this line in my dmprecache at the time:

    If you are NOT using my eventhandler, you will need to place 
    local.result = registerev "spawn" global/weapons.scr::spawn
    to your global/dmprecache.scr

    When I comment out those lines, the weapons mod stops working. When I tried to replace the event handler files that came with the team counter with the ones from purple's mod, the server crashes on a hard restart, and this shows in the logs:

    ------ Server Initialization Complete ------  1.97 seconds
    ***[CorpseStay]***: Allied Assault MP version 2.2 is running!
    Calling Event Handler
    Cvar_Set2: sv_keypressevents 1
    Cvar_Set2: sv_servercmdevents 1
    Got signal 11 - Segmentation fault, faulty address is (nil)
    Crash Recover Attempt will take place!

    Any reason why it wouldn't work?
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    You maybe have some conflict with some mods you have

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