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Thread: Custom Texture Problem (Map)

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    Default Custom Texture Problem (Map)

    Hey guys, been a while since I've been on here, I have run into an issue adding custom textures to a map project I'm working on. I've added plenty of textures before and cannot figure out why this one and a few others are showing up in the game as a gray/white bug. I checked the console and I don't see any errors there either. For testing purposes I will include a link to a test area I made on radiant to check the textures. One texture is an old custom one I used on a map I made years ago which works, the other is the new texture that isn't currently working. My only guess is that the new texture is too much for moh to handle? or that the jpg is somehow corrupted.

    Here is a link to the texture test map, the pk3 has is set up for you just to put in your game and test but also includes a .map if you need to open radiant.!AkRez-Qci5HZjD_X...2o74F?e=tuEEAl


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    I've tested it and see no error at all. Both textures work fine.

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    So I just took out the pk3 I used for my map with all the custom textures for the map, and just used the pk3 for the problem I sent and the texture works as you mentioned.

    Does this mean that there is a limit to how many custom textures you can put in a pk3 or shader file at a time? (Because now it seems the bug is only when I have alot of custom textures in the pk3 with this one.)

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    What names are you using for the shaders?

    I know that shaders doesn't work when they have some non-word characters in the name, or when the name is very long

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