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    Default LoD Tool Tutorial

    Just an example of messing around with the level of detail for a model. If you find some models disappear or become too blocky, other than turning LoD off for all models via r_uselod 0, you can create a new .lod file by using togglemenu lodtool in console to increase the distance it takes before it deforms, or turn it off completely. I did this for a couple of models in my morocco map (lantern with flame, and a map) and shipped the files with the pk3 because they just weren't usable when disappearing after 3 feet.

    The .lod file is stored where the model files for that tik reside (you can find that by looking in the tik file). For the thompson, it was created here:


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    One thing I would add is that this have to be done in a map where the sector around the coords (-4000 0 0) is located inside the map boundaries.
    Otherwise the player will be teleported into the void and the model won't spawn.

    When I tried to use the lod tool before without knowing that, I legit thought my game was broken. (I tried a lot of things to make it work without success)
    Until I changed the r_drawworld command to 1, and saw my "viewpos" in the console, then I noticed I was falling in the void xD

    Also, does it happens to you that when you click the black rectangles of the menu the whole menu turns black and you can't use it again? annoying af.

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    Haha, yep thanks Zappa, completely forgot to mention about lod spawn teleporting the player .

    And yes, the black background is annoying, so I modified the menu to fill in those spaces: lodtool edit.rar

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