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Thread: moh(aa/sh) more mouse acceleration implementations

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    Default moh(aa/sh) more mouse acceleration implementations

    The last weeks I started reversing my favourite game a bit.
    I have written some more "malicious" code, which I can't publish for obv. reasons
    I'm a big fan of mouse acceleration, but never liked the kind implemented in MOHAA/SH.

    That's why I coded this:

    It's nothing much, but I thought about doing it yesterday, sooooo here!

    You have to inject it, with an Injector (f.e. Extreme Injector, Xenos...).
    Maybe I'll write one soon, or find another easier solution.

    You won't get banned for this on public servers, however I don't know how Volute handles this.
    I haven't reversed Volute enough, to tell rightaway .

    Greetings slow!

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    Thanks for sharing. Cool concept/idea.

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