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Thread: Mohaa related art exhibition of mine

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    Default Mohaa related art exhibition of mine

    Hi all,

    A little more than a year ago I came to this forum in search of help because I wanted to 3D-print the Stalingrad map
    Even though that turned out to be waaay too expensive I'm still gratefull for the help I got from you guys.
    That's why I wanted to show the endresult of the art project, a little delayed because of the whole corona virus thing.

    The exhibition consists of four fishtanks filled with water and goldfish. Each aquarium has a model in it based on an fps map and two differently collored leds which reflect of the silver goldfish' scales. In the biggest aquarium there is a little camera which streams the 'games' the fishes play to ( ) the livestream will start sunday on the first opening day of the exhibition.

    If anyone in the neighbourhood is interested in coming to see the exhibition it's located in the art academie of Waregem in West-Flanders, Belgium. You can come and see it the next three sundays of march from 11h am to 17h pm.

    24h aqua pic (1).jpg
    24h aqua pic (2).jpg
    24h aqua pic (3).jpg
    24h aqua pic (4).jpg
    24h aqua pic (5).jpg

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    This is cool!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ancient Order View Post
    This is cool!
    Thanks mate

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