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Thread: looking for server memory increase

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    Default looking for server memory increase

    Years ago at TMT someone posted about increasing a server amount of memory. Problem is i dont remember what kind of memory that was, neither how to increase it. All i remember is it is a very small quantity, like 256Kb or something.
    Does that evoke something for someone?

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    No clue, but if you're talking memory (hardware); then 256kb is too little to run MOHAA. Maybe 256mb seems more realistic, however that's still a low amount for todays standards.
    If you're talking memory as in virtual memory or graphic memory; maybe there is some setting in there for something like that, but nothing comes to mind for me.

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    it depends :
    - Motherboard RAM Type (SD-RAM, DDR1, DDR2, DDR3, DDR4), can be hybrid (like DDR2/DDR3 or DDR3/DDR4)
    - Max amount of memory the motherboard can handle
    you may deduce the RAM type by checking how old the server is, and also by knowing the RAM capacity in it.

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