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    Hello Friends of Medal!

    I'm having trouble starting the server, shows error in files.
    I already did the update you have on X-Null, but the error continues.
    attached confirming the reborn update.
    Any suggestion ?


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    That error shows up when you have not installed the patch correctly.

    Make sure the files have been copied over correctly, and that your ftp user has correct permissions for updating files, and that no error message was shown when you were replacing existing files with the patched ones. Also ensure the server is stopped before trying to replace the files.
    If you do not have permission to do this on your server, contact your hoster.

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    I think the problem is because you using a test version from the test channel.
    Reinstall the server again but on the server cfg turn off the part where you can use a test version.

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    Hello Friends of Medal!

    It's functional!
    # I stopped the server
    # I copied the old files 1.116
    # Disabled in server.cfg the line "seta sv_updatetest" 1 "
    # Start Server
    # msg. to change the map to update the reborn version
    # Version is 1.117 now ( its last version ? )
    # 100% functional!
    Thank you for your personal support.
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