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Thread: NEW MAP - Project Void Version 1.0

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    Default NEW MAP - Project Void Version 1.0

    Hey Guys,

    I have finished my latest map, well kind of lol.

    As I had stated in previous posts I have had problems with func beams and the error "Bad Command Byte". As you will see in my attachment to this post I have been able to finish the map, however in testing with my clan in SH there are circumstances in which this bad command byte causes significant issues. From what I can see if there are more than 4 players on the server, players outside the server will be unable to connect. HOWEVER, if all players are already on the server and the previous map is switched or rotates to my Project Void Map, then no one will be booted off the game.

    Take a look at the map, even if it is only on single player and test it out! If you follow what I suggested above I believe you will be able to test online game-play too. Hope you all enjoy the map.


    If anyone is able to fix this Bad Command Byte error on the map itself (as I tried a method mentioned by DoubleKill at xNull within the config without any luck) let me know. I would love to release a version down the road with no errors, but am short of time as I will soon plan to be going away to military training.

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    The Map:

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    A new map O_o Nice idea, cool map! Non void places are nice too.

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