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Thread: mohaa weapon choose

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    Try modifying the "interval" and "leash" values of the actor

    // interval: Sets the distance AI tries to keep between squadmates while moving (default 128) interval 32
    // leash: Sets the maximum distance the AI will wander from its leash home (default 512) leash 2000

    // you can check the values like this
    iprintln_noloc "actor.leash = "
    iprintln_noloc "actor.interval = "

    Also make sure your "local.movepos" is above the ground level

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    Regarding the issue w\ pressing enter, do you run any browser extensions that could be interfering? If you use a plugin that blocks certain javascript/ajax scripts from running, it may be causing the typing issue for you. See if you can exclude our site from the plugin if that is what's causing it.
    A simple test would be to test it out in incognito mode (as long as incognito mode doesn't have any plugins loaded either).
    Also try another browser (just to troubleshoot the issue a bit)

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