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Thread: Mohaa base assulet mod v1.1

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    Default Mohaa base assulet mod v1.1

    I'm downloaded mode base assulet v1.1 for mohaa and followed all instructions to install it but when players join the server and try to use tanka or jeeps it's not moving and not fire how to solve this problem
    Currently I'm using v1.0 of mode and working fine but i want to update to v1.1

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    please help me for this mod i want correct config
    thanks all

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    Please be aware that Base Assault 1.1 works on Windows based reborn servers only.

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    Old thread, but yes it only work on Reborn 1.12 MOHAA for Windows.

    And there needs to be at least one player on each team before vehicles can be used in that mod (waits for "level waittill roundstart", and the round doesn't start until each team has 1+ players).

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