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Thread: There's many fake bots on my server

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    Default There's many fake bots on my server

    There's many fake bots on my server to get my server ban from master list and i don't want that plz i want a solution.
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    what kind of mods are u running?, do u run reborn patch?

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    yeah bro reborn patch

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    I don't know how your server is being flooded by fake players..
    However try setting sv_maxconnperip to 2 or 3 in your server.cfg and restart your server afterwards.
    (These are the maximum amount of connections able to connect to your server from the same IP)
    seta sv_maxconnperip "2"
    If that doesn't help, you could try Reborn's packet anti-flood. Also a cvar to switch on in your server.cfg (and restart server afterwards).
    (Will block packets from coming in when being flooded for x amount of time)
    seta sv_packetantiflood "1"

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    okay thx for ur reply shadow

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