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Thread: Can we please reboot the servers for 2020?

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    Default Can we please reboot the servers for 2020?

    G'day folks, I hope all are well.

    What a crazy years it's been to date.
    Besides this virus coming straight after the Australian bush fires, I personally have been dealt a crap hand although not as bad as some folks.

    My brother died of a massive heart attack in Feb and shortly after, so did my motherboard.
    I am now using my late brother's PC that he found at the local dump (rubbish refuge). I've put my HDD in it.
    Needless to say it's a potato and there was good reason it was thrown out. lol
    But it has kept me from climbing the walls thus far so I'm grateful for that.

    Due to the lack of OpenGL it wouldn't play MOH so I couldn't test my maps or 3d models that I've made / edited for the maps.
    It did work for LightRay3D however. In fact LR3D is MUCH better without OpenGL. It doesn't jump about the screen without OpenGL, making it heaps more stable.
    But this potato PC needs rebooting 3 or 4 times a day as it hangs a lot.

    All of this came about a month after being told that my neighbor was throwing out three relatively new PCs, I even saw them in his rubbish pile on the footpath in front of his house. Only the HDDs were taken out.
    So I'm kicking myself for not grabbing them or at least one of them. D'oh!

    In my absence from here I also got talked into a new ISP that saw me lose internet for 11 days. Normally not a big deal but when confined to stay home and not being able to map it certainly took its toll.

    So I finally managed to get the stripped video card retaining screw out of this potato PC and replace the video card with the one from my PC.
    Now it has OpenGL (woohoo I can test maps in MOH) but at the cost of LR3D jumping around the screen to an unworkable degree (again).

    I've set my video card software (game/program profile) to disable everything (OpenGL & Anti-Aliasing) for LR3D which has tamed that screen jumping immensely.
    It's not quite 100% stable, like it was without OpenGL, but it's at least 95% more stable now.

    So, at least some good has come from a bad situation.

    How about you guys, how has 2020 been for you so far?
    Has anyone here lost their job, been infected or have had a family member infected by this virus, etc?

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    this image says that there are 17.280.000 in the netherlands and 5288 corona deaths.... the chance u get it in the netherlands is 0,03% (on the picture of the volkskrant (newspaper) it says that 98,8% allready had a desease like cancer, longuecancer, or any other bad desease), so 1,2% of the 0,03% has really died on pure corona.
    In china i calculated the same.... but the calculator doesnt go below 0.0000 so it counts 0%
    i did this with all the countries and all the countries start with 0,0%.

    still we have to be carefull towards the old and the weak...... but pls guys keep your eyes open and dont let them take our freedoms..... we allready had a big fight for our freedoms, dont let it happen again.
    Be aware of the vaccin Bill Gates is offering.... his dad has the biggest abortion clinic on the planet.... Bill Gates says in alot of his speeches that there are to much people on the planet and that we need to take it down......... hes the one that finances the vaccin..............keep your eyes open... this is a serious and dangerous part in our near future.
    Bring people in fear and they will give up all their freedom to be safe...... DANGEROUS tacticts.

    google how many people live in your country.... google how many corona deaths are there... use the middle calculator as shown on my picture here
    than u see how many change u have to get it.... and that all the corona deaths u entered are not even the pure corona deaths but just anything that was related with it.

    listen to this president in tanzania... they banned who out of their country

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    I'm sorry for your loss, Acca. I lost my 95 yo grandma too at the beginning of this year.
    And certainly having no pc/internet sucks, especially in this times.

    Quote Originally Posted by AccadaccA View Post
    I've set my video card software (game/program profile) to disable everything (OpenGL & Anti-Aliasing) for LR3D which has tamed that screen jumping immensely.
    It's not quite 100% stable, like it was without OpenGL, but it's at least 95% more stable now.
    What I do to stop the camera stuttering in LR3D is minimize and maximize the window, but I have to do it every time I move the camera. Very anoying.

    Quote Originally Posted by AccadaccA View Post
    How about you guys, how has 2020 been for you so far?
    About the virus, fortunately in my family nobody has been infected yet.
    But the future doesn't look very promising here. every day we have a new record of infected people and deaths, and a lot of people is ignoring safety recommendations.
    We need to adopt the Japanese hygiene culture now.

    And we also are in the worst drought in 60 years. if we don't get enough rain/snow this winter, things will get pretty bad.
    You said before Australia is suffering the same, right?

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    Acca.... do you have a good workable PC now?

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    Sorry for your loss AccadaccA! These times are definitely difficult, and I can't even imagine what you've gone through with the brush fires and now this global pandemic. I admire your positive outlook though; just stay strong.

    On a lighter note, you mentioned your motherboard died on your pc. I'm not sure how much help this will be for you, but I'm actually in the process of selling a bunch of old PC hardware I don't use anymore. I was trying to see if I can get a couple bucks from it, but I'm willing to donate it to you if you would like? They are mostly random computer parts, but I have a motherboard in there, CPU, heatsink, I have some memory, but i can't remember if it's the right DIMM, I would have to check. It might require a bit of Frankenstein rigging, but hopefully (if you would like it), you can make use of it, and I don't mind donating it to you if you can put it to good use. Let me know!

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    Zappa: Thanks mate.
    Due to the "lock down" imposed here we were only able to obtain his ashes last Monday, more than a month after the funeral and well over two months after his passing.

    My condolences to you and yours too.

    Thanks for the LR3D additional tip. If you do have graphics software do try my suggestion by creating a LightRay profile as you would for a game then disable all of the graphics setting for that profile. The difference is amazing.
    The ONLY screen jittering I get now is sometimes when zooming whilst still in Move, Rotate or Scale mode.
    Hopefully I'll soon get back into the habit of clicking "Pan" or "Zoom" directly instead of mouse wheel scrolling. Not having OpenGL spoiled me enough to pick-up bad habits. lol

    Sorry to hear about the drought there too.
    I must admit that our drought doesn't effect me directly as I live in suburbia and I'm relatively close to one of the main water catchments (dam) for this state.
    But it does effect farmers and country folk and of course supply & demand increases the price of everything (meat, fruit & vegetables, etc) nation wide.

    Todesengel: "Yes" and "No", mate. It's working but far from being "good". lol
    I've been trying to save for a new system and today I discovered that our local PC shop has closed permanently. They were the cheapest around and always had the best brands in stock. :/
    I could buy a cheap PC now but I might as well save some more and get something that will play AAA games so I can map and test UE4 games and possibly UE5 games too, with some sort of respectable frame rate.
    So I'll be building around a GTX1080ti specs or equivalent but can't buy them anywhere here. :/
    The GTX2080 is ($3,000+ here) waaaaaaay out of my budget but the 6GB RTX2060 or RTX1660 look promising. Going by the rule, GPU shouldn't exceed 30-40% of total build budget, I should be on target in a couple of months.

    James:Cheers mate.
    I was never in any real danger of the bush fires except for in September when it was raging through the bush land at the end of my street (5 houses away). Nothing like what NSW or any of the southern states copped.

    Thank you for such a generous offer, that's truly appreciated.
    However I wouldn't accept it without me at least paying shipping then we have to consider our closed boarders to overseas flights and ships during this quarantine period.
    Our government is currently saying no overseas travel to or from Australia until at least 2023 with the only possible exception being New Zealand.
    This state (Queensland) hasn't had a new reported case for two weeks now but other states aren't fairing so well.
    Over all, we're doing a hell of a lot better (infection wise) than most nations so hopefully the rest of the world will also see the light at the end of this gloomy tunnel, soon.
    Thanks again, mate.

    Keep healthy folks.

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    Correction to that statement.
    When I said the state of QLD, I meant the south/east of Qld as that's the main population here.
    There was a case (far north) reported on the news yesterday, of a nursing home staff member testing positive.
    The stupid b!tch worked during her two weeks of having "flu like symptoms" then finally got tested and went back to work before getting her results.

    Thankfully all residents have since been tested and are all clear of infection.
    The staff member was a receptionist and has been dismissed from working there.

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