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    Download Links: xNULL MIRROR & MediaFire MIRROR
    (Note: The file size is around 800MB! currently)

    Hey all!

    So this is the first release and first post regarding my new MOHAA Prefabs Package.
    This package includes all the prefabs that I could find online, which are related to MOHAA.
    Prefabs (Prefabrications) are basically objects that can be used and placed in any map you want.
    Prefabs can come in the form of 2 different extensions: .pfb & .map
    More info on this and on how to use them can be found in the ‘Prefab FAQ’ document (included within the download).

    Folder Sortation
    The Prefabs are basically sorted into 4 folders within the Package:
    • Sorted by Creator: Prefabs sorted by the name of their author
    • Others\Prefabs: Prefabs sorted by the name of the object (author unknown)
    • Others\Maps with MAP Files: Maps (pk3s) that include .map or .pfb files within their pk3
    • Others\Misc: Prefabs found in packages or likely destined for other games

    (Note: The Maps with .MAP files have been left completely intact, in case certain textures or other files are needed/wanted for the Prefab. It’s also been made sure that the included .map files are those of objects and not for the entire map itself!)

    Pictures are included for 99% of the Prefabs, so you can take a look in advance.

    An IMPORTANT NOTE here is that you’ll always credit the ones who have helped you with your work.
    If you edit an existing prefab or use (parts of) a prefab for your own; always credit the original author!!
    People have put a lot of effort into creating great stuff and should, out of respect and common decency, be credited for this. It’s also common etiquette & you wouldn’t want to be known as a thief.

    To help with making sure credit’s given where it’s due; the prefabs for which the author is known, are sorted per folder of the author (in the ‘Sorted by Creator’ folder within the Package).
    The authors for a lot of prefabs have been found but not all unfortunately. So, if you do use a (part of a) prefab, which has no author; please at least credit the file you’ve used to help you and mention that the author is unknown.

    Type of Prefabs
    You might be wondering what kind of prefabs exist, which can basically be any object, but a lot can be sorted in the following categories:
    • Buildings: Houses, Hotels, Shops, Castles, Bunkers etc.
    • Vehicles: Tanks, Cranes, Trains, Train Carts, Trucks, Boats etc.
    • Vegetation: Bushes, Trees, Plants etc.
    • Industrial: Barrels, Pipes, Factories, Radars, Radios, Reservoir Tanks, Silos etc.
    • Interior: Doors, Shelves, Windows, Beds, Tables, Bookcases, Cabinets, Lockers etc.
    • Bridges: So many different types and made from different materials
    • Walls/Fences: Barriers, Rock Walls, Stone Walls, Chain-link Fences, House Fences etc.
    • Ladders/Stairs: So many different types and made from different materials
    • Weaponry: Grenade Boxes, Weapon Racks, Cannons (Flak88), MG42 Mount etc.
    • Model Maps: Prefabs which are missing textures, so you just see the model of the object
    • Misc: Anything that does not fall under the above categories

    Additional Info
    A lot of these prefabs do contain additional files; pictures, readmes (sometimes the pk3).

    The Prefab Database can still be accessed, in which you can search Prefabs via the categories listed above or simply via name of the object (might help with searching for what you need):

    I hope this will be of some use to people. I also made this package to share & save some of the valuable information within the game.

    Other Projects:
    MOHAA Tutorials: Includes all Tutorials & Guides related to MOHAA/SH/BT (mapping, modding, scripting, skinning etc.) that I have found.
    MOHAA Guide: A fully detailed guide on how to play the game, plus a lot of useful information for Players, Admins & Modders.
    MOHAA .MAP (Source) Files: Includes all .MAP (Source) Files of Custom Maps that I could find (for Mappers).
    MOHAA Pictures: Includes all Pictures that are in any way related to MOHAA/SH/BT that I could find (Icons, Banners, Wallpapers, Mod Logos etc.)
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