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    Download Links: xNULL MIRROR & MediaFire MIRROR
    (Note: The file size is around 2GB!! currently)

    Hey all!

    So this is the first release and first post regarding my new MOHAA .MAP (Source) Files Package.
    This package includes all the (custom) maps I could find that have a .map file included, these are the source files for those specific maps (which you can use to properly edit/alter those maps).
    They are named MAP files due to their file extension (e.g. They are mostly included within ZIP or PK3 files within this package (so look closely).

    The .map file of a map can thus be used as a tool for various purposes:
    • Finish unfinished projects (a map someone never finished and sent out for others to finish)
    • Edit/alter the maps themselves (e.g. place more buildings and/or close off others)
    • Fix bugs (e.g. visual bugs where you can see through the map or physical bugs where you could get under the map or gain some unfair advantage)
    • Use parts of the map for other maps (e.g. a great looking house you want to copy over into another map)
    • See how things are done (you can get a close look to see how parts of the map are made and gain info,
      insight and/or ideas for your own map or on how to fix an issue in your own map, for example; whether brushes or patches (or a combination)
      were used for certain structures or how texture work is done on terrains to make them look seamless)

    An IMPORTANT NOTE here is that you’ll always credit the ones who have helped you with your work. If you edit an existing map or use parts of a map for your own; always credit the original author!!
    People have put a lot of effort into creating great stuff and should, out of respect and common decency, be credited for this. It’s also common etiquette & you wouldn’t want to be known as a thief.

    To help with making sure credit’s given where it’s due; I’ve created the ‘MAP Source Files Credits’ document, which is included within this package.
    It lists all the file names present in this package, together with the actual map name(s) and the author. The authors for most files have been found but not all unfortunately.
    So, if you do use something from a map which has no author; please at least credit the file you’ve used to help you and mention that the author is unknown.

    You can filter the included Word Document (alphabetically) on File Name, Actual Map Name and Author Name.

    Type of Maps
    You might be wondering what kind of maps have their .map (source) file included, and there’s a bunch of different types:
    • Complete maps (ready to play, all files included)
    • Unfinished maps (author never officially finished/released the map; might have missing bits)
    • Tutorial maps (maps created to show how something is done)
      • Tutorials for specific mapping parameters/variables (LOD, VIS, Skybox, Brushes)
      • Tutorials for self-made mechanisms (Elevators, Catapults, Traps)
    • Test maps (maps used to test specific mechanics like bots, drivable vehicles or planes)
    • Model maps (these are basically prefabs and only consist out of 1 ‘object’ like a building)
    • Showcase maps (these maps showcase various objects/models, like a row of different cars)

    Additional Info
    A lot of these maps do have additional files included. Examples of this are: .bsp files, readmes, tutorials, pictures, scripts, reviews etc.

    These maps are sorted in folders corresponding with their origin (Single Player or Multiplayer, and if it’s made for Allied Assault or Spearhead/Breakthrough.
    It even mentions whether they include a ready-to-go BSP file or not).

    Please note that Single Player maps (mostly tutorial & test maps) can be launched by opening console and typing in ‘maplist’. Click on the map you’d like to open and it’ll launch.

    I hope this package will be of some use to people. I also made this package to share & save some of the valuable information within the game.

    Other Projects:
    MOHAA Tutorials: Includes all Tutorials & Guides related to MOHAA/SH/BT (mapping, modding, scripting, skinning etc.) that I have found.
    MOHAA Guide: A fully detailed guide on how to play the game, plus a lot of useful information for Players, Admins & Modders.
    MOHAA Prefabs: Includes all Prefabs that I could find (for Mappers).
    MOHAA Pictures: Includes all Pictures that are in any way related to MOHAA/SH/BT that I could find (Icons, Banners, Wallpapers, Mod Logos etc.)
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