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Thread: Medal of Honor Spearhead for Mac OS

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    Question Medal of Honor Spearhead for Mac OS

    Hi Guys,

    Hop you can give my a helping hand ... Looking for Medal of Honor Spearhead for mac os , whit Multiplayer ?

    Thx Fredy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slimbips {sfx} View Post
    I downloaded the Game , it is a Windows Game .-)
    Bot thx for the help ...

    Somebody els have a Idea ?
    Need to start playing again

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    ive tried both porting kit and bootcamp, while porting kit may be handier than having to reboot into windows, its still way too complex to set up and i personally had ping issues when playing online through porting kit on mac os.

    on the plus side once u get win os u can run any win only game, or a program or whatever. Porting kit was good idea but its way too buggy and difficult to set up games with it.

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    bootcamp would be your best option. Maybe not the most convenient, but def the best.

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    If you have enough disk space then go for bootcamp otherwise porting kit. I had to do porting kit due to only having 250GB SSD in my macbook.

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