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Thread: Model bound box(es)

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    Yeah I think I've found the problem.

    Although I had the part selected then hit "Edit Vertices" I didn't actually select any verts before hitting the "Assign To Bone" button.
    I've just realized this and rushed back here in hope that I could post the discovery before you replied. lol

    Cheers bud, I'm sure it will work after I go through all parts with the verts actually selected. (step 4.5) lol

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    Does it matter that no bones are listed in the "Bones List" box of Edit Skin?

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    the "Bones List" is the list of bones that are already assigned to the selected verts.
    If you have verts selected and the list is empty, it means the verts aren't assigned to any bone
    If you don't have any verts selected then the list will be empty

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    Okay, I have it sorted now. After going through it repeatedly with other copies of the model.

    Because the "ORIGIN" bone refused to appear in the "Bone List" when selecting parts one at a time. I selected all of the parts.
    I did not need to select verts as they were pre-selected each time I selected any part. From being unassigned to any bone I imagine.

    So I selected all parts at once making sure not to select the "ORIGIN" bone itself. That prevents it from listing.
    I then hit the "Edit Skin" option from the list of "Modifiers" which enabled the "Modify" button and I was able to "Assign To Bone".
    This opened the pop-up list of bones where ~ low and behold ~ "ORIGIN" was there.

    I selected "ORIGIN" and applied before exporting without incident.
    The bike showed in Radiant as well as in game.
    It's still below ground level in Radiant to be on ground level in game.

    As I stated earlier, it wasn't vital to the map and no player would know but I wanted to tidy everything behind the scenes, so to speak.
    Removing those extra bones was great for peace of mind sake.

    Thank you once more Zappa, you are a legend, mate.

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    lol We've done it again, you hadn't replied when I started my post.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zappa View Post
    the "Bones List" is the list of bones that are already assigned to the selected verts.
    If you have verts selected and the list is empty, it means the verts aren't assigned to any bone
    If you don't have any verts selected then the list will be empty
    Yes, this is true except for some reason I expected the pop-up to present itself when I did have all verts of the part selected and hit the "Assign To Bone" button.
    I didn't know that all verts of all parts had to be selected at the same time.

    It's all good.
    There is no way I would have stumbled through that without your help and support.
    Much appreciated and sorry for sounding like a stupid ol' goat.
    Cheers mate.

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    I just tested the models you sent me in a test map and guess what..
    they worked just fine. I think I should have done that in the first place xD
    so I think there must be something wrong with your map or maybe radiant just hates you lol

    can you make a test map to see if the models are in the ground there?

    Spoiler: pics

    different angles, still in the ground

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    I think it was cause by the clip brushes you used and the fact that the bikes are "drivablevehicle"'s.
    I don't know much about vehicles but my theory is that maybe the game "pushed" them out of the clip brushes to prevent them from getting stuck

    so I think the final solution is to make the bikes static models
    and delete all the "init { }" section of the tik's
    so they look like this:
        scale 0.52
        path models/static/Accabike
        skelmodel  acca_bike4.skd
        surface all shader bike2
        surface seat shader bike_bits
        surface tyre1 shader bike_bits
        surface tyre2 shader bike_bits
        idle acca_bike4.skc
    /*QUAKED static_Accabike_White-Chrome (0 0 0) (-40 -20 0) (40 20 50)
    White Chrome BMW chopped single seat

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    Mate, there's never been any question about Radiant gremlins and / or the MOH gods hating me to hell and back, tenfold. lol

    Looks can be deceiving.
    I think it's the same story as the Opel truck edit. They are fine for the first few compiles then suddenly they are busting a valve to climb out of the map. lol

    Trust me, compile the map a few more times and they will suddenly start to hover.
    Gawd only knows why.

    I only added the clips yesterday as the player was getting caught on the bound boxes. So that wasn't the cause.
    I've initially made / edited these bikes at least a weeks ago and the problem was always there.

    I really appreciate the fact that you've continued to work on these well after resolving the issues.
    Great advice to shake the animation part of the tik. I have often thought of it if that or the skc is even required for a static model.

    The bikes have all been repaired and replaced. I have had to clip them with a narrow brush just to prevent players from walking through a bike.
    I'm as happy as a pig in shit. Thank you.
    That's a good thing here in Oz.

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    Woops, that's exactly what I was going to suggest checking yesterday as I had a suspicion they weren't static models. The Vehicle entities won't like clips that aren't part of their collision hull. Sorry, guys.

    It's possible to make them vehicle entities as long as you set the collision via script.
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