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    Default LightRay3D basics

    G'day folks,

    I have been working on a couple of default MOH models for days and have gone through the LR3D tutorials, downloaded the help CHM and even performed Google & YouTube searches but can't find how to do the most basic task of moving selected vertices.
    I select the vertices that I wish to move then select the "Move" tool from the menu and proceed to drag the x,y,z icon thingy but it moves the entire model part (all vertices).
    I've also tried dragging the selected verts.
    This messes the entire model and it's so frustrating having to reload / import the model over and over.
    I have also tried many commonly used directional keys (wasd, directional arrows, keypad 2 4 6 8, page Up, Page Down, etc).
    It seems nothing works. Pressing the rest of the keys individually only confirmed it.

    How do you move a single vertex or a selected group of vertices without moving the entire part?

    Thank you.

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    Hmmm, back in the day I was looking for best ways to create skins, rigs, and anims for Mohaa. I concluded that best thing I got is 3d max r3 on a winxp vm. It uses plug-ins included in mohsh sdk.

    It is probably better documented (I assume, I knew 3ds max 2014 or smth and I didn't suffer at all with r3).
    Watcha think?

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    Thanks for replying, RyBack.

    Awesome, Thanks Zappa. Much appreciated.

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    Okay, I chose not to delete the skin, mainly because I don't know how to UV map in LR3D, yet.

    Well that was a fun mistake. lol
    I followed the instructions with the exception of deleting the skin.
    I made the vertices move but a duplication of the same polygons were still in the exact same place.
    So thinking I must have missed some verts I went through the procedure again, and again, and again,.... 12 times. lol

    I cleared the project and re-imported the model.
    This time I chose to delete the skin and it worked first go.

    But it was groundhog day every two minutes. lol

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    Glad to help.
    BTW, If you are really into modifying models or creating your own models from scratch, I recommend you to use Blender instead.
    It has better features, its easier to use and you can find tons of tutorial on youtube.
    I only use LightRay as a format converter between Blender and MOHAA

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    Cheers mate.

    Yeah Blender looks far more professional and well thought-out UI. It's unfortunate that it doesn't have the format compatibility of LightRay.

    Models look good in Milkshape until you need to move / center your view after you zoom-in.
    Then you notice how messy the menus are with game format specific tools.


    WTF is with that?

    Back in the day (NFS3 & NFS4) we could go back to our model(s) and tweak verts without having to convert them to mesh and lose UV mapping properties.
    Just tweak and save. Simple times.
    Since then technology has shot itself in the foot. :/

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