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Thread: How to edit a weapon skin (in detail)

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    Default How to edit a weapon skin (in detail)

    Hey guys,

    So I was wondering if anyone knows how to go about changing the skin of a weapon. **(before any explains the simple method of editing the .dds or .tga files with gimp or Photoshop, I am looking for a way to edit the skins without the texture file showing random parts all over the place) Basically the project I would like to complete would be to make a Red Tiger like skin (the texture you could put on guns in the first modern warfare game from 2007) and bring the concept to my MoH guns.

    Is there a way to texture the weapon in its model (3d) before the model parts are randomly spewed about in the image making it difficult to see which part of the gun is which?
    I briefly looked at the milkshape tool, but was unsure if this allowed for texturing (looked just like a shape editor)

    I would also be looking to modify a weapon texture so that I can leave texture compression on. What I mentioned seems quite complex, and I am by no means an expert in this area so if it is not really feasible no worries, just thought it would be a cool little project.

    - Will

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    You can use the Texture Paint Tools in Blender

    here is a quick tutorial for blender 2.8:
    and for 2.79 and previous versions:

    you'll need to use LightRay to import the model from the game and then export it to blender in .obj format

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