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Thread: unplayable because of missing textures

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    Default unplayable because of missing textures

    hi , I have a pretty big issue with the game and i have no idea what could cause that , installed multiple times and always have the same problem , textures are all black with orange/blue/yellow shiny corners everywhere , everything is a rectangle. can provide a picture if needed , need help please ! (also cannot find the discord to ask for help)Click image for larger version. 

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    You definitely have some kind of custom mod or something that is overwriting your players. When your players look like that, it means the game can't find the textures. I don't know if you're using some kind of custom skin mod (I am assuming you are)...
    Here are the steps for troubleshooting.
    1. go into pak0.pk3 and open up the following path "models\players". open up with of the tik files in notepad or a text editor. Since you use allied manon from your picture, you can open up that file.
    2. Scroll down and you will see something like script shader nameOfshader <--- this points to a shader (you will need to find this shader)
    3. in pak0.pk3 if you look in the scripts folder, you will see a bunch of shaders. The tough part is finding the shader that has the function name that was specified in the tik file.

    For example if it is

    script shader nameOfshader

    then in the shader, you will see something like this

    a bunch of parms

    Easiest way to help you is tell us if you're using any skin\player mods.

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    something like this happened to me years ago after installing the mohaac anticheat
    for some reason it replaced some default .pk3 files with a 0kb version of them

    so make sure your default pk3's are not 0kb or missing

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