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    Default Projectiles?

    Is there a script that limits how many projectiles we can have? I remember trying to play with this years ago and never figured it out. you can't get more than 6? But i don't see any scripts for limiting weapon ammo other than the weapon tik files obviously :P

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    To check the ammo the player have is a bit complex:

    1 - We have to check when the player fires the weapon.
    2 - Check if the player have pick some ammo from the ground.

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    I guess i just mean like is there a way to change it so you can have more than 6 rockets?

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    I believe that is hard coded in the engine:

    void Player::InitMaxAmmo
    	GiveAmmo( "pistol", 0, 200 );
    	GiveAmmo( "rifle", 0, 200 );
    	GiveAmmo( "smg", 0, 300 );
    	GiveAmmo( "mg", 0, 500 );
    	GiveAmmo( "grenade", 0, 5 );
    	GiveAmmo( "agrenade", 0, 5 );
    	GiveAmmo( "heavy", 0, 5 );
    	GiveAmmo( "shotgun", 0, 50 );

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    Of course, if you didn't want to mess with the binary, you could do it in a kludgy way via scripts. You could give players one more nade every time they throw one, until they reach the last 6. So say you want to give them 8 but they start with the max (6) when they spawn, the first 2 throws won't 'count'. You can also 'give' them these extra nades if they pick any up off the ground too.

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    Meh not that interested, I suppose. Thanks though!

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