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    I have not been in the MOHAA community in over 16 years, I want back in guys!! I got my PC setup today and I downloaded origin to play APEX and some Battlefield games, I seen they had MOHAA as a download. I downloaded it and it doesn't seem like it functions haha. My disc is long gone. I seen posts for this and that and just want to make sure in downloading the most up to date stuff. anyone care to point me in the right direction? Thanks!

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    Can you explain what's not working? Any error messages? What happens when you try launching the game?

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    it launches, I tried to connect to server via IP and I keep getting a bad connection.

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    @Zero.p3 can try to download from here:

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    Is that for mac? I am running windows 10

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    Nah, domain name is just confusing, it should be AlphaMAC, what translates into Alpha Mohaa Anti Cheat. Don't use origin version, it's garbage, use either one from or download one from torrents named medal of honor allied assault - war chest.
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    ok, got it installed and all. What are you all using to connect to serves?

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    i guess you need this:

    that should enable in game server search.

    if you get alphamac anticheat, then you can use it to launch game and connect to server as well, at least thats how i usually start the game.

    then theres Query launcher, which searches for servers outside game, it seemed sluggish to me though.

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