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Thread: Happy New Year everyone.

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    Default Happy New Year everyone.

    I wish you all a joyful 2020.

    I'd also like to ask you all to extend your thoughts to those battling the Australian bush fires (man and wildlife).

    Just for some perspective of the current situation.
    2019 Californian fires: 253,214 acres lost.
    2019 Amazon (four countries) fires: 2.24 million acres lost.
    2019 New South Wales, Australia (just one state) fires: 9.9 million acres lost.
    2019 Australia (to date as severe fires are still raging) fires: 12.35 million acres lost.
    And we're only at the start of summer.

    Since September 2019, Australia has had no less than 30 - 80 major fires at the same time.
    This has also impacted transport from state to state as all major roads have been cut off due to the fires and smoke.
    The smoke has spread across the nation and has been recorded at 15 times what is regarded as a hazardous level.
    That was about a month ago, I'd hate to think what it's at now.

    edit: The smoke from Australia has now reached and blanketed New Zealand.

    Most fires here are started by dry lightning.
    Last year (2019) the country had seen it's worst recorded floods in Northern Queensland and it's worst recorded drought in Queensland's south east.
    Two days ago a fire truck was over-turned by the sheer heat and force of the fires creating their own weather pattern which in some instances are huge "fire tornadoes".
    It's due to these unpredictable turbulence /weather changes that many places can't water bomb from plane or helicopter.
    I'm sorry if it sounds depressing but please spare a thought for those confronted by it.
    Australia is renowned for so many unique wildlife which is all being lost, taken by fires.
    I heard on the radio that koalas have lost 80% of their habitat since September.

    Let's all hope for a happier and safer 2020.
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    My youngest sister owns a horse riding school in the midst of the NSW fires. She had to evacuate about a week ago. She moved her 19 horses to safer ground but the whereabouts and condition of 4 horses and one sheep are uncertain.
    Authorities back-burned the fringes of her property a few days ago and left smoldering embers.
    As predicted the winds picked up, reigniting those embers and the fire has swept through her property.
    We don't know if she still has a house or not.

    Some Australian news videos from yesterday December 31, 2019.

    "Fire tornado" flips ten tonne fire truck near Albury in New South Wales, Australia.

    Victoria, Australia. Temperature spikes from 27.8 to 40 Celsius in just two minutes.

    You tube has many more. This one was December 18 showing many huge fires in different regions.
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    It is getting pretty bad at the moment.
    ( poor Mogo town, but they saved the animals at the zoo ). Friends lost house down Cobargo.

    Yesterday was hell, dark outside at 3pm because of the fires.
    Our farm was hit on Christmas eve, we nearly lost the farm but the wind changed last minute and it stopped at the boundary, but the now bigger fire will impact us again on Saturday with weather predicted.
    And since it jumped the main river yesterday further out west, its likely to swing east on saturday and at my house we will probably be evacuated.

    @Accadacca im curious now, where abouts is your sisters property, as my family also own a horse riding school up in the Shoalhaven.

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    Whoa, Purple this is getting spooky.
    My sister owns and runs "Bella Cavallo" at Wandandian, New South Wales. Just 1 kilometer East of Shoalhaven.
    There's actually quite a few horse related businesses in her area. Riding schools, equestrian stuff, etc.
    As your family are also into horses I'm sure they would know her, Vanessa Hartley, or at least know of her. On Facebook they ALL call her "the horse whisperer".

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    Yea, wandy is just like 10 mins down the road from our farm.
    We would be one of the riding schools, been operating for 38ish years now. Valhalla Horse Riding is us, and I have heard your sisters name before I think, I was never that much into the horse scene, I just had my own horse that i ride for fun, never into competing or anything so didnt really socialise with other horse people much.

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    Sorry mate, I just looked up her address on Google maps.

    Correction: she's on Hancocks Creek Rd 5km North/West of Shoalhaven.

    Have you heard of any reports on that area?

    Yeah all of us kids were into horse riding especially the sisters. My brother also had an ex-racehorse ("Samson", 17 hands tall)
    The oldest sister had a stud farm but I don't know any more about that. Lost contact decades ago.
    Anyway i'll ask Vanessa if she know your family.

    Keep safe, keep listening for road blocks and be prepared (with emergency kit) to evacuate in a moments notice.

    Best of luck to you and yours.

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    Oh sorry, I get it now. Shoalhaven is the area / region encompassing several smaller townships including both of our families.

    I've been between posts here, PMs here, emails, FB messaging and Google maps all at the same time. lol I need 5 monitors.

    What a small world indeed. It turns out my sister has actually trained horses that were on agistment at Purple's family's property.
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    Half a billion animals perish in Australian bushfires since September.

    01/01/2020 News story.

    Native wildlife hear so many fire sirens that they mimic the sound. Says it all.

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    Guys, I am sooo sorry to hear that. Those statistics are unreal. I'm assuming you guys are having these fires due to droughts?
    I read about the Amazon, but I had no idea Australia has been hit even harder yet.

    My prayers sent to all of you there and I'm hoping the fires die down and you and your families' and friends' will all be safe!

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    Thanks James, it's not your fault for not knowing about it.
    American media is more interested in hanging their own president(s) and they've never really cared for much outside of what effects them directly.
    Yet the whole world hears everything about the U.S.
    So Billy got a blowjob, good for him. lol
    I guess drama and a good scandal "trumps" actual reality of massive disasters when it comes to entertainment and newspaper sales. It's a sad world.:/

    On a lighter note;
    My sister's 4 unaccounted horse and ewe have been found alive and well.
    She has also received word that her house and stables are still standing.
    Somebody ran into her neighbor and asked them if they could check on the property.
    They went by trail bike and reported back with the good news. Only the vegetation was burnt.

    It's amazing how people came from everywhere with horse floats to help her move the horses, etc. just before Christmas too.
    She is so well respected and surrounded by good, grateful people forever offering to help in anyway they can.
    About a year ago I spent days just reading her Facebook status where everyone had a story to tell of how my sister "the horse whisperer" immediately diagnosed the problem with their horse(s) even though multiple vets were clueless.
    The woman certainly has a gift. It would be tragic if fire or anything caused a setback.

    So here's to hoping tomorrow's forecast isn't going to be as bad as predicted.
    Thank you for your prayers and well wishes.

    I'm also really concerned for Purple Elephant and his family who will try to defend the fire from destroying their farm.
    Please pray that they all leave when told to or better yet, pray for torrential rains to fall all over fire and / or drought stricken parts of Australia for a few days.

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