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    Question MOHBT Chat Commands

    People, how could I do so that once dead, the TEAM chat does not go out globally and is only for TEAM just like when you are alive, this is for when we play with OBJECTIVE mode. And the other command that I want is that when you are on the spectator both in DM, TDM and OBJ, the chat can only be read by those who are on the viewer and not by those who are also playing, I explain ?.

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    For the second part,

    Taken from the MOHAA Guide
    5.11.1 Enable Spectator Chat-to-All
    Normally when a person is dead (or in spectator mode to begin with), they’re unable to communicate to the players currently still alive and playing in the server. However there’s a cvar you can use to enable the option of spectators chatting to living players. Meaning people still alive and playing can read the spectator chat as well.
    • Server.cfg: seta g_spectate_allow_full_chat “1”
    • Console: rcon g_spectate_allow_full_chat 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by Purple Elephant1au View Post

    For the second part,

    Taken from the MOHAA Guide
    Yes, that command yesterday while searching I found it on internet sites and in MOHAA Guide 1.5 I think it was called, but the other?

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