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    Default ***ERROR*** MAX_EDGE_LINES

    I'm on a roll with this map. lol

    As the title reads "MAX_EDGE_LINES".
    Strange that I haven't seen it documented.
    I would assume it meant too many brushes touching one brush but I haven't done anything that fits that description. Just building houses.

    Any help would be appreciated. Cheers.

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    Send it on over via email and I'll take a look. It could be due to subdivides in the brushwork.

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    Sorry for not getting back sooner, mate. We had a pretty severe electrical storm which started as I was typing the post so I had to quickly shut-down and unplug everything.

    The map has just been sent.
    Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AccadaccA View Post
    I would assume it meant too many brushes touching one brush but I haven't done anything that fits that description. Just building houses.
    Just googled "MAX_EDGE_LINES", and in the first results you can see people on quake 3 forums saying this:
    When you have one large brush that has one edge sharing the same 'line' as many other edges of other brushes, you'll have to split that one large brush, into more brushes, so that the shared edges start and end at the same verts.
    too many T-junctions

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    Zappa: I wrote the follow a few hours ago before going shopping in a hurry.


    It's surprising how many result "MAX_EDGE_LINES" gets on a Google search yet nothing documented in what's left of the known compile errors we have in this community since ".Map" went down.

    I recall I had this error when I made the rotunda in Sieger which I removed and later added to my Ruger map.
    Then it was a case of cutting the long brushes into shorter ones as too many uprights were touching them.


    It's not always the multiple brushes Tjunc issue.
    In my case I have rounded the corners of a building. Afraid of using too many patches I cut brushes into a circular shape.
    After doing the google search I read of a great way to find the problem area.
    I drew two large caulk brushes over the rounded corners of the building and compiled without incident.
    The compile process ignores the large calk brushes and everything inside them.
    That proves the problem must be the rounded bushes.

    1337Smithy: I sent you the map earlier. Try to compile then draw a large caulk brush over each corner of the rounded building and see for yourself. Neat trick.
    Funny thing is that it compiled without incident when I just had one corner rounded and the second corner is a rotated copy of the first. Go figure.
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    Well, not to be a party pooper, but I think your map is a bit too ambitious . There are many limits that you may find yourself hitting as you keep going, MAX_EDGE_LINES is just one of them. There is also a max number brushes (you are at 15000+ at the moment and not finished), there is VIS to contend with (you know this the hard way :P), which is already at 300000+ bytes and almost all of your brushes are detail. Imagine when you start creating leafgroups and making areas structural? Looking at the Quake 3 q3map source code, there is also MAX_ORIGINAL_EDGES ( that could start to rear its ugly head. One issue is the size of the map and the amount of accessible buildings, but you're building intricate objects like vehicles out of hundreds of brushes which the engine just isn't designed for. They also aren't optimised as well as they could be, with unseen sides not 'caulked' so there are many unnecessary faces (like the end of the bars on the crane). These types of objects should really be converted into models to help the compiler and engine. You may need to see whether this is a possible route. Even when forcing q3map to ignore those curved corners of the building, the compile is taking a long time to process the map. Personally I've never seen a map take that long at that part of the BSP stage. I imagine when it comes to also lighting the map properly and implementing the VIS it won't be kind to you lol. Your map is also 31MB in size. That is abnormally large. For reference, the most complex single player map in the MOHAA franchise is around 21MB, and that was the Breakthrough mission where you destroy the ship (the ship had to be built twice to show both normal and damaged). So, it's very possible you could hit file size constraints too.

    I hate to be that guy, but there is a reason why there aren't any huge and very detailed maps around . It may be the case that you will have to sacrifice some of the detailing and complex brushwork to keep the map the size you want it, or vice versa. Even then you'll need to be clever with how you manage your visibility. These are things I can help with if you want.

    There will be a limit to patches too, but I think as you're having issues with brushes now, it could be a good idea to use patches where possible instead. You can use a good amount, as any 'bocage' map or open area level is littered with them (they make up every section of hedge, road etc...). Just make sure their complexity is as low as possible (you can change complexity with SHIFT+leftbracket and SHIFT+rightbracket).
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    1337Smithy: Thank you kindly for the heads up. I agree with all that you have said.
    I know that I am guilty of getting carried away when it comes to map size and I forget just how limited we are with this ol' girl... "MOHnAA". lol
    I've been drooling over the size of Unreal4 engine based maps for a few years now. Four square kilometers of uninterrupted mapping bliss.

    Since my last post that "shoot & crash" bug reared it's ugly head again. If it's not one thing it's another.
    So I took to watching YouTube for several hours trying to decide if I wanted to continue putting myself through this frustration or not.
    Probably not the best idea to watch games such as Squad, Post Scriptum and the like when I've been teetering on the fence for so long.
    I have a lot of map design ideas but they lose so much integrity when compromised by the Q3 limitations.
    It was good for it's time, but.... :/

    Almost every scratch built map I've released has been only a portion of the actual build.
    Besides solo run-around tests, I've only actually played the game once in the last ten years.
    My thing is mapping, it relaxes me. Well, it used to until I try to add some much needed pizzazz.
    Then you have non-mappers complain that the buildings all look the same. But try adding fancy building trim, French windows, arch windows, etc and it all goes to hell in a hand basket.

    That ugly grey structure in the alley behind the shops was supposed to be a greenhouse.
    When I made the glass panels semi-transparent and looked from the outside in, half the roof would disappear regardless of which of the five window shaders I tried.
    Even some default windows will render invisible when looked at through another window across the street. Remagen's "window 725" for example. It's no wonder that those textures are only used at the back of the building.

    Thanks for all of your help but I might take a break from the Q3 engine.
    Please note that non of the above is a reflection on you or your post, I agree with all you have said. It's just that you posted before I returned with my verdict.
    I've learned a lot from you and I appreciate your time and efforts.
    It was a pleasure to work along side of you and seeing your brain in action pumping out improved script after script. lol
    Also thank you for your offer to help fix this mess I'm in with my current map. I might take you up on it, in time.
    Cheers mate.

    P.S. I've had 5 or 6 maps ready for release for several months, whenever Shadow has the will and free-time to bug test.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AccadaccA View Post
    P.S. I've had 5 or 6 maps ready for release for several months, whenever Shadow has the will and free-time to bug test.
    Could you send them all to me via e-mail?
    I've actually started on the latest version I had received of the Crossroads map from you (and found some bugs) but was unable to finish testing due to time.
    As I've mentioned before, I'm really swamped with work (& stress) so I try not to take on too heavy loads on my free time (as MOHAA is ofc. only a hobby technically)

    However, I've asked for some days off from work and an additional 2 weeks off during Christmas & New Year, so I'd probably have some time to relax and test some maps!

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    If you know how work the UE4 you problably interested in joining the MOHUE discord server.

    The project is about converting mohaa to UE4 and almost everyone you know from here is there

    This is the link:

    MOHUE Discord
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    Shadow: I wasn't having a go at you mate. I know how hectic life can get and I'm genuinely concern for your health and state of mind.
    We've worked together for a year or so on Map Mate. I appreciate your suggestion, resources and enthusiasm on that project.
    I also appreciate the efforts you go through to screenshot and list any bugs or inconsistencies in my maps. Not to mention the laughs we've had alone the way.
    The last line of my previous post was just to say that I wasn't rage quitting on the MOH community. I'll happily hand over my finished maps, etc. and guide anybody who asks for my help.
    The maps aren't going anywhere so please don't stress over having to test them any time soon.

    DoubleKill: Unfortunately I'm not up to speed with UE4... yet.
    I downloaded the engine and some landscape tree packs over a year ago. I've looked at the editor a few times. Even gone through the mapping tutorial video. But I wasn't quite ready to start absorbing it all. lol
    As much as I'd love the free-range the UE4 offers, I don't think my PC has the balls to play/test any of those newer games that I was interested in.
    I'm not a fan of Discord but I'm more than happy to get into the mapping.

    Is the project still rolling? The last I read about it was here a couple of years ago when someone left the scene with all of the coding.
    I was concerned then that not everybody had a copy and the priority of which progress was being made.
    The official website said that taunts were added... to a non working game. :/
    It also had a screenshot of an MOH player model standing in an empty map and without a weapon , if my memory serves me.
    Hopefully it was just that the site wasn't updated, or is it still at that standstill stage?

    1337Smithy: I looked into making 3D models from map/bsp files and downloaded q3map2Toolz to do them.
    The only problem is that doesn't support MOH.

    So does anyone know of how to create models from brushes in an MOH map? Or is there a way of fooling q3map2Toolz into thinking that the bsp is "QuakeIII Arena" or "Wolfenstien" or "Soldier of Fortune", etc?
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