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Thread: Game crashes when shooting in custom map

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    I don't mean to interrupt the private talk, but have you resolved the issue ?
    In the quake3 engine, if you are shooting and your game crashes, it could be indeed caused by a texture, depending on various factors.
    It could be caused by a configstring overflow, entity overflow, event overflow and these kind of things.
    I would be interested in looking into the map (non crashing and crashing version [i would require the map files] ), as I have spend some time in my past learning about these things and optimising difficult bsp-based maps.

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    Yes, it was fixed. As stated earlier in this thread, cutting down on the number of entities (in this case, windows) sorted the problem. There was an issue with memory allocation so models were being deallocated.


    Quote Originally Posted by 1337Smithy View Post
    RE crashing when shooting: It appears that the render is having issues allocating models. Certain weapons are invisible in my hands on your map, grenades don't explode, and so on. The log is spammed with: RE_RegisterModel: R_AllocModel() failed for 'models/fx/grenexp_base.tik' messages.

    Looking at the renderer code in opm, it could be due to the MAX_MOD_KNOWN limit being reached in R_AllocModel function:

    if(tr.numModels == MAX_MOD_KNOWN)
    		return NULL;
    Not entirely sure why, but the size and complexity of the map likely has something to do with it. Though it could also be an isolated section (or sections) of the map that needs finding and fixing.

    I'll let Acca reply to your file request.

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    Aww, i did read everything, but it was not quite as apparent to me that it was indeed fixed.
    Thanks for clarifying that.
    Well, since it is fixed, I don't think there is any need for me to have the map files any more

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    chrissstrahl: Sorry mate, I've since moved on from that map, long ago.... with a bitter taste in my mouth. lol
    I did read your comment back then but I was a bit rushed for time and forget to get back to it.

    I had edited / deleted a lot from the map in hope to solve the issue. So it's no longer the same map that had issues.
    If Smithy still has the version I sent him, I have no qualms in it being forwarded to you.
    I will finish it off one day.

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