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Thread: Game crashes when shooting in custom map

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    Scratch my last post, it's doing it again and I've only been working with the map's existing textures.

    Sorry if I mislead anyone, it sounded odd to me too but when it started working again that was my only conclusion.

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    You can send it to me via email so I can test it if you want.

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    1337Smithy: Cheers mate, I've got it solved again but I'd like you to see how it's come along despite the set backs. So I'll send it to you anyway. lol
    I thought I had the music done and dusted but that still needs tweaking. You can hear it from across the street but only when facing that direction. Despite the "ALWAYS_DRAW" being checked.

    Okay, I solved it (again) yesterday but didn't want to run back here with more possibly misleading information.
    It turned out that texture was a default "algiers/brick1" and I have it elsewhere in the map too, so that definitely wasn't the problem.
    I've actually just used it again on another bigger building.

    I have a lot of non-solid hedge-lined paths and garden beds. I used a series of "clip" brushes as garden steak type obstacles (4x4x32 units tall) to allow players to pass through the hedges but not at full pace or in a straight line. Just to add some realism.
    When I was replacing the buildings I had previously removed, I was also replacing some of those hedges and the clips. Probably well over 100 "clip" obstacles in total, in a few areas of the map, all spaced 32 units apart.

    I'd have to say that, that is the cause of the crashing problem. Too many clips too close together.

    Make a mental note of it and happy mapping.

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    My apologies, the topic of this error continued in another thread (
    So I've brought the relevant comments back here.

    Working off Smithy's comment in the other thread (quoted below)...
    Quote Originally Posted by 1337Smithy View Post
    I tried deleting a load of your windows and this fixed the issue. I think maybe have a load of broken 'fake' windows as well as func_window.
    ... I started a process of elimination to pin-point exactly which windows were causing the issue, if not both.

    One building has two custom arched windows and another building (a hospital) has many square windows of another custom texture.

    I deleted the two arched windows and compiled.
    Same problem.
    So I deleted all of the other custom windows in the hospital and compiled.
    They appear to be the issue for whatever reason.

    I've replaced them all with default windows and I'm compiling now. Just to be sure it's not a too many windows issue.
    If successful I'll then replace my two arched windows and compile again.
    I doubt that they would be an issue as I have them in the other map which works fine.

    Hmm, it appears to be a windows limit.
    The map has 145 default windows plus 14 large sheets of breakable glass (shop front windows).
    I didn't even get to spawn before the game crashed.
    I'll removed those large sheets of glass, leaving the default windows and try again.
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    It may not necessarily be exclusive to window entities. It could just be a symptom of the complexity and size of the map. For example, removing script_object ents (such as the elevator) may also alleviate the issue. This would explain why other maps don't suffer from hunk memory allocation issues. Windows were the most logical and least fundamental objects in the map to cut down on I thought, and they can also be replaced quite easily, which is why I picked them .

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1337Smithy View Post
    It may not necessarily be exclusive to window entities. It could just be a symptom of the complexity and size of the map. For example, removing script_object ents (such as the elevator) may also alleviate the issue...
    Funny that you should say that. Late last night I thought of it as perhaps not being windows directly but rather "script objects" in general.
    Now that you've mentioned it, I just went to check on the elevator. I haven't lately as my focus has been directed elsewhere due to these issues.

    What was once a perfectly operating elevator hasn't even entered the prep stage.
    With the exception of radio volume tweaks, I haven't touched the script in Gawd knows how long.

    edit: scratch that ^^^. The elevator still works.
    I had renamed the map ("loop1", "loop2", "loop3") to keep copies as I was deleting a lot of buildings and windows.
    I was testing "loop3" when I thought the elevator had ceased working.
    When I saved "loop3" as "loop", compiled and tested the elevator was fine.

    ***************** end of edit.

    It's kind of funny that I am forever chasing my own tail with the map I called "loop". lol

    Yesterday I thought about how the whole map was visible from the church towers.
    So I lowered them a complete level but they looked silly being lower then the church roof. Then I raised them again without a few flights of stairs preventing players from reaching the top landing.
    This has worked out well in blocking views especially with the addition of roofs to all of the shops however I'm yet to compile.

    Dang you Smithy, you've somehow reeled me back into this even after I had a taste of UE mapping.
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    I'm glad you're back at it

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    Cheers mate, although it's only been part-time as we've had a few days at 41 & 42 Celsius (107.6 degree Fahrenheit) lately where I didn't touch the map for at least 24 hours... to avoid melting my mouse to my hand.
    The joys of living in Queensland Australia under a flat tin roof. lol No air con + no insulation + no pool = no good.
    [sarcasm] Yay, bring on summer.[\sarcasm]

    I did however, removed 60+ windows and my earth moving equipment plus low-loader trailer have been saved as prefabs then deleted from the map. They'll be converted to models in time... with a bit of luck.
    I also got rid of that gawd awful hothouse/greenhouse and replaced it with a storage shed.
    To help the map breath even more I removed the arches from around the market place. I think there was 20 of them, a total of 60 patches just there on that corner building.

    So yes, I have indeed tinkered with the map some but I'm watching more YouTube/Twitch videos between compiles.
    It's quite funny as I have the 42" TV hooked up to the PC via HDMI cable and I'm using Map Mate so I get a huge "thumbs up" in the center of the TV screen (and the "Whoohoo!" audio alert) at the end of the compile.
    That's usually when the streamer is looking through his scope.... and it's all thumb. lol

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    I'd be working on snowy maps 24/7 if I had that kinda heat, damn :x

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    lol I was doing something very close to that by searching for and watching anything with ice or snow. Ended up watching a program about Alaskan railways and ice road truckers.
    I made a joke to my son, "don't be surprised if water starts dripping from the bottom of the TV screen?" as in melted ice/snow.

    That day just happened to become the new national record for an average of 40.9 Celsius nation wide. It exceeded the previous record of 40.3.
    I always thought the record would have been in the high 40s / low 50s. But I guess that's typical of Australia, while the Northern states are melting the Southern states like Tasmania and South Aus are in the midst of a blizzard.
    Only two weeks ago N.S.W. was in the midst of major bush fires, damaging winds and oddly enough, snow fall.

    Unfortunately both Qld and N.S.W. are still combating bush fires (since September) with flames up to 60 -70 meters tall and we're in a drought with many towns totally out of water.
    Sorry the video requires a facebook account.

    Here's a photo of a lesser fire in N.S.W.

    The sky has been full of smoke (up to 15 times the danger level) for months. It's been compared to being just as bad as Beijing, China.... on a bad day.

    We're not in good shape at the moment.

    James & PurpleElephant: Which state or territory are you guys in?

    P.S. Sorry for rambling off topic.

    edit: Sorry I was under the impression that James was Australian. I think Shadow may have fooled me years ago. lol
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