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Thread: Sourcing a players IP

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    Default Sourcing a players IP

    Last but not least in my Saturday barrage of questions for the people of X-null...

    The 'getip' command also returns the port number (which is typically going to be 12203 anyway...) attached to the IP.

    I only need the IP address and not the included port number. Is there another command that will return only the IP of the player?

    Or is my only option to try and strip the :12203 off the return string within a script somehow?

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    there is no command to get the ip only
    but you can do this:

    local.ip = getip local.player;
    local.iponly = "";

    for (local.i = 0; local.i < local.ip.size; local.i++) {
    if (local.ip[local.i] == ":") {
    local.iponly += local.ip[local.i];

    // local.iponly

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