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Thread: HUDDRAW to a Specific Player

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    Default HUDDRAW to a Specific Player

    I currently use huddraw in the most generic manor - placing messages globally on the screen for all to see.

    However, I would like to also use it for player specific message as well. (think 'say' vs 'sayp').

    I see in the SDK it specifically states:

    Description of the use of the huddraw set of script commands
    The huddraw script commands allow you to draw up to 256 different graphic icons on the player’s hud. The element to adjust with each command is specified by an index number in the range of 0 to 255. They currently broadcast to all players, but that could be changed if the need arises.
    The last line tells me this is probably possible, however I cannot find any information or resources on how to accomplish this action. Has anyone else had any luck doing so?

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    reborn has the ihuddraw_ command for individual huds.

    Take a look to the links in my signature. All the scripting documentation (reborn and non reborn) is there

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