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Thread: MOHAA menu theme crashes

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    Default MOHAA menu theme crashes


    when i'm in main menu and try to start a new mission or load an existing save the music "crashes" for a moment when a game is loading. I mean, it doesn't stop normally for loading screen, it's still playing and interrupts many times untill game is loaded.

    My game is patched to 1.11, i played it earlier on a another PC and I didn't have that issue at all. It's not really a big issue because it's only for those 2-3 seconds on loading screen... but i would like to know why this happens. Anyone knows that problem?

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    If you running the game on the windows 10 could be something because of him.

    Try run the game on the compatability mode to see if fixes.

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    The case is i was playing on Windows 10 earlier that game and had no similar issue. I'm trying to figure out why that happens on Windows 7.

    Oh well, i was running the game on compability mode for Win98/ME. Turning compability mode off fixes that. Thanks for reply anyway...
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