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    Default Screwy sprites

    G'day folks,
    I wasn't sure to post this here or under the "Mapping" forum but I guess it's texture related as are "skins".

    I have cropped some tufts of grass and they look great in game but I'd much rather them appear as 3D and not 2D.
    I have used the "autosprite2" in shaders before without incident but in this map everything is causing me grief. lol
    The texture first appears upside down when viewed from one side and the right way up on the other side and as I walk passed it, it rotates on it's Z axis (somersaults) instead of it's Y axis (like a door).
    I have copied the shader surface that has worked for me in several maps but it's not acting the same.
    I have remade the brushes and patch of these textures to no avail.
    I have looked at the default MOHAA sprites script and tried some of that crap too ("spritegen oriented").

    This is what has worked for my other maps....
    	//qer_editorimage textures/loop/grass_tuft.tga
    	qer_keyword utility
    	surfaceparm alphashadow
    	surfaceparm nonsolid
    	surfaceparm trans
    	deformVertexes autosprite2
    	cull none
    		map textures/loop/grass_tuft.tga
    	alphaFunc GE128
    	map $lightmap
    ... but it just gets all screwy in this map.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    What shape is your brush or patch? Do you have any screenshots of what it looks like?

    Take note that autosprite2 "only rotates around the middle of its longest axis".

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    G'day Smithy, thanks for replying.

    Ahh I see. Now that I think of it, in all of the other cases my textures have been taller than their width.
    In Radiant these grass textures are 32 units wide by 28 high. I'll just make them taller.

    Thanks mate, much appreciated.

    BTW, I recently read a Quake 3 guide on an official website (last week some time) that the sprite texture had to be square.
    I ignored that because I knew my previous sprites were far from being square.

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    Just letting you know that raising the height of the grass tuft patch and brushes worked.
    You don't want to know how many days I banged my head against my desk. lol
    I left it, worked some on a friend's map for two days then came back to it for a few more days of head banging. Starting where I had left off. lol

    Cheers mate, you're a legend.

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    Glad it's working!

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