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    Default RCON Varibles

    Probably a stupid question, but is there anyway to set actual game variables via rcon?

    eg: game.myvariable ? NOT a cvar.

    I'm trying to avoid excessive use of get/setcvar.

    I guess the followup question would be, can I send multiple variables with 'one' rcon line ?

    Right now things look something like:
    rcon set "thing1" "blah"
    rcon set "thing2" "blah"
    rcon set "thing3" "blah"

    Anyway to condense this into one shot?


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    rcon set "thing1" "value1"; rcon set "thing2" "value2"; .......
    works for any command, not just rcon.

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    Thank you RyBack.

    I'm sending the commands over a 'telnet'-like connection which does not play well with semicolon linked commands. Right now I'm opening separate connections for each 'rcon set ....' and I'm trying to avoid that.

    That is why I was hoping there was a better way within the rcon command itself - so I would only have to send the 'rcon set' once. Something like "rcon set 'thing1' 'valve1', 'thing2' 'value2'" etc.

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