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Thread: Reborn Ban System

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    Default Reborn Ban System

    Using the 'ipfilter.cfg' file for banned ip's, I'm finding the only way to activate the file is to restart the server every time something changes.

    So if a new IP is added to the file, the server has to be rebooted before that IP will be auto banned. Same applies if an IP is removed, the server needs restarted.

    Is this the expected behavior and it is not a 'real-time' banning system?


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    When editing the ipfilter.cfg directly, changes *should* be applied on map load AFAIK.

    When updating the ipfilter.cfg through rcon ( or admin commands ) then the effect is instant.
    99% of the time, an IP is added when banning a user while in-game using the banning rcon commands ( banip, banipr, banid, banidr ).
    @see for the list of rcon commands

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