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Thread: Query Players Within Script

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    Quote Originally Posted by Purple Elephant1au View Post
    On that note..
    The connected event is triggered on map change aswell...
    Ah yes, I see that...

    So if I wanted to avoid the spectator-only bandaid entirely my only option really is to poll getconnstate after all? Or does that also step back up through the states on level load as well?

    If I can use it as such, how should I be calling it so I can use more than state level 4 as mentioned in the previous post? I'd like to capture state level 2 (or 3...), but I can only seem to grab level 4. Which at that point, is kinda pointless...


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    Connection states update during map transitions too.

    What would you want to do with players who have only just connected, out of interest?
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    Just trying to add more granular control over users with regard to various mods I've made.

    I still cant get state levels to work before level 4, so I've been using adding the "new" variable to the player array when they come in. So far that seems to be working well enough. I presume any standard or custom variables in the player array are reset along with everything else on level change?

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    You don't need to mess with the connection state. The connected event is enough for what you want.
    Take a look to the Elgbot mod or the KillStreakRewards mod and you will see how they manage the players data using the reborn events.

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    Yes, players are reset on map change. Which is why connection events are all you need.

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    Thank you Zappa, leetSmithy.

    I think I've made it to where I need to be.

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