Hi All,

I've been exploring the creation of my own tree models to add into a custom map (which I may or may not ever finish), and I have been struggling with a problem which I can't seem to overcome and I'm hoping someone here may have the answer.

Every time I create a texture for the tree foliage and using a mask layer, the result is an ugly white and what seems to be a semi-transparent halo perimeter around the outside.


Now I'm not great with graphical editing software but I did some googling and I though maybe de-fringing would help but I'm getting the same thing even with blocks of colour where there is no complicated edge.

I'm saving the image as a 24 bit uncompressed TGA. I'm using the shader similar or same as the trees.shader from the pak.

	qer_editorimage textures/models/natural/smdmtree4_2.tga
	cull none
//	deformVertexes flap t 24 sin 0 2.5 0    0.2 1 0
	deformVertexes flap t 24 sin 0 2.5 0.25 0.3 1 0
		map textures/models/natural/smdmtree4_2.tga
		alphaFunc GE128
		alphaGen distFade 1400 1400
		rgbGen vertex
I make the masks by duplicating my image, then using greyscale/negative/colour replacer to get the black and white mask, loading the mask layer from this image with "source illuminance" and then saving that mask to the alpha channel before exporting.

How can I get a nice crisp edge? Any help or suggestion is appreciated.