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Thread: 20mm Flak Angle

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    Default 20mm Flak Angle

    So on my map I am trying to add a 20mm flak that is pointed at an angle into the sky. I have seen this possible from Mefy's freeze-tag game types, as through the script there is a 20 mm flak that points to the sky. By tinkering with MoH Radiant I found in the entity window you could change the animation angle, but this did not transfer to the game. Is there another way to do this to make the flak stay angled in the game? I'll attach pics of what I mean (angle in editor but not game)

    In editor:!AkRez-Qci5HZi2aO...TXhRw?e=akNkd0

    In game:!AkRez-Qci5HZi2dh...nHLB1?e=4fKNDr


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    AFAIK, "testanim" is only used to preview the animations in the editor, the right keyword to apply animations to models is anim

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    On the canon use the command anim 60degrees.

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    Thanks guys, works fine in game now.

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