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Thread: [Release] NightFall 1.1.0: Reborn for MOHAA:SpearHead!

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    Should be possible

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    Done !! It works in SPEARHEAD!!

    add line in DMprecache.scr
    local.result = registerev "kill" global/Who_killer.scr::kill

    fill Who_killer.scr with:
    kill local.attacker local.damage local.inflictor local.position local.direction local.normal local.knockback local.damageflags local.meansofdeath local.location local.player:
    	local.victim = local.player
    	iprintlnbold_noloc ("KILLER: " + local.attacker.netname + ".")		//SHOWS A MESSAGE TO THE PLAYER
    	iprintln ("VICTIM: " + local.victim.netname + ".")			//SHOWS A MESSAGE TO THE PLAYER
    	//local.attacker - attacker entity (player) that killed
    	//local.damage - float damage, damage amount
    	//local.inflictor - inflictor entity, in most cases it isn't a player entity, it can be a weapon entity or world entity
    	//local.position - vector position
    	//local.direction - vector direction
    	//local.normal - vector normal
    	//local.knockback - int knockback value
    	//local.damageflags - int damageflags
    	//local.meansofdeath - int meansofdeath
    	//local.location - int location id
    	//local.player - player entity that got killed
    and put it into global folder.

    Test yourself!

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