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Thread: MOHAA: Remagen swap sides?

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    Default MOHAA: Remagen swap sides?


    Is it possible to swap sides in Remagen map?.
    Now allies and axis always spawn on the same side.

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    What is the gametype you running on the server?

    On the Freezetag i know they dont spawn on the same side.

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    we play Freezetag but the allies always spawn on the same side, never switchinig sides

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    Quote Originally Posted by DoubleKill View Post
    On the Freezetag i know they dont spawn on the same side.
    Are you sure teams switch sides in Remagen? what FT version are you using?
    I just tested with Freeze-Tag version 1.3.2 and teams don't switch sides

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    I have checked one of the FT mods from
    And from here I can see spawn.scr file only describes "spawn points" for some of the maps. Like we can see in the script that for mohdm6 allies and axis have same spawn points. But Remagen (mohdm3) is not in that file. Also map file does not call spawn.scr file.

    IMO, someone better familiar with scripting can fix it easily.

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    I made some confusion, they spawn on the same side.

    @anspectrum: The spawn.scr is called on the gametypes.scr.

    The only way to make them swap problably is to add the original spawn points to the script the same way as the other maps.

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    IIRC most dm maps have 3 spawn points at each spawn location. 1 for sp, 1 for allies and 1 for axis.
    Script is probably always blocking specifically 2 out of these 3 points (other team point and sp point) .
    You can basically modify it to block whichever team point you want.

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