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    Hello my old friends, i have a problem running freeze-tag mod in mohaa, actually it's working just fine, only have two issue i can't figure them out, the first is to show names when someone melt or been melted it just says Axis player or Allied player without names, and the second problem is that when someone melt he doesn't get score for melting, please not that i already have the message settings("loc name") as default, and also that i have tried to run the same mod with the same settings in spearhead and the names worked and the score for melt as well, every thing was normal in spearhead, but for some reason when i run it in mohaa the names don't work and the score for melting as well, even though all freeze tag servers in mohaa has the names and the score working just fine, maybe i am missing something here?

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    ah i forgot something i know you have more experiance in aa and thankx for your time

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    MOHAA by itself did not support getting the players name or adding scores to the player.
    With reborn those actions became available to us, however the freezetag mod will need to be modified to be able to use them for Mohaa Reborn.

    I currently do not have my pc atm, but I am sure someone here has those modified files they could share.

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    Just replace this 2 scripts on mefy:
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    when i replace the util i still dont see the names...

    edit: im sorry it did, i had a folder global/libmef in my game wich overwrited it
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