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Thread: JUMPXY not working on Linux

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    Quote Originally Posted by Razo[R]apiD View Post
    You can use it if you figure out how to make player be in air before.
    There is a private repo where selected people can make changes.
    I found a possible solution following your hint

    local.player jump 100
    wait 0.2
    local.player jumpxy 150 150 150
    It's a very good starting point. At least I have some control over the jump. Let's see if ryback is going to post a better/different solution by using sv_gravity

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    inside mohaa, jumpxy is implemented by doing some basic calculations on "how much should we add to the player's velocity" then adding these calculations to the player's velocity.
    to make it feel real, sv_gravity (ie gravity force) is used.
    here's how it's done in opm:
    void Player::JumpXY
    Event *ev

    float forwardmove;
    float sidemove;
    float distance;
    float time;
    float speed;

    forwardmove = ev->GetFloat( 1 );
    sidemove = ev->GetFloat( 2 );
    speed = ev->GetFloat( 3 );

    velocity = yaw_forward * forwardmove - yaw_left * sidemove;
    distance = velocity.length();
    velocity *= speed / distance;
    time = distance / speed;
    velocity[ 2 ] = sv_gravity->integer * time * 0.5f;

    airspeed = distance;

    // make sure the player leaves the ground
    client->ps.walking = qfalse;

    here's an equivalent morpheus script:

    jumpxy local.player local.forwardmove local.sidemove local.speed:
    local.yaw_forward = angles_toforward(local.player.angles[1]);
    local.yaw_left = angles_toleft(local.player.angles[1]);
    local.yaw_forward = vector_scale(local.yaw_forward, local.forwardmove);
    local.yaw_left = vector_scale(local.yaw_left, local.sidemove);
    local.player.velocity = local.yaw_forward - local.yaw_left;
    local.distance = vector_length(local.player.velocity);
    local.player.velocity = vector_scale(local.player.velocity, local.speed / local.distance);
    local.time = local.distance / local.speed;
    local.gravity = int(getcvar("sv_gravity"));
    local.player.velocity[2] = local.gravity * local.time * 0.5;

    there's an odd part tho,
        // make sure the player leaves the ground
        client->ps.walking = qfalse;
    this might be a fix for the crash, but idk, try the script to see if it crashes or smth.
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